£1.72m Jackpot in limbo

JackpotA life-changing experience turned sour after a software glitch for a UK player when playing, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack at Betfred. And this time the winner is far from being anonymous. In fact, Andy Green and his story were front and centre in the popular British tv show, The One Show. So, let’s head right into the heat and see what we know so far as this story keeps developing.

Celebration short-lived for Green

According to Mr Green, he started playing with £100 and almost went down to 0, before hitting a big win of £10,000. As he continued playing, the £10,000 transformed to £600,000. But Mr Green was not quite done just yet. In fact, he kept playing on the mobile until a banner flashed that he just won a £1,722,500.24 jackpot!

After receiving this great news, Mr Green quickly took a screenshot of the massive win. A screenshot that Betfred’s authenticated. Eager to celebrate the amazing win, Mr Green made plans with his family and friends, and he spent £2,500. Now, here is where the sunshine story ends.

Four days as a Millionaire

Just four short days after Betfred confirmed the jackpot win they contacted him again. And this time it was not so pleasant news when a customer support representative contacted him. In fact, the support agent informed Mr Green that they would not honour the payout due to a software glitch.

Instead, they offered him reimbursement for the celebration and £60,000. That sounds like hush money, as it came with the terms that Mr Green would not mention the non-payment of the jackpot win. And this is where Mr Green took legal actions.

Legal counsel says not to accept Betfred offer

Mr Andy Green hired the Solicitor Peter Coyle, and he strongly advised him not to take the offer from Betfred. “It seems to me that it is a David versus Goliath situation. They have taken his money and just said we’re not going to pay you because there’s a glitch in the casino that we’re not going to tell you about,” said Coyle.

So, now we can only wait on the official court verdict and the result of the IBAS investigation. Which way will the stone fall in this David versus Goliath fight?