Age verified before gambling

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has made a name for itself to enforce gaming rules, down to the smallest print. But not only do they enforce existing regulations. They also keep on upgrading new ones. And in this instance, they are bringing the ID verification process to new heights. So, to fully understand what the new rules are all about and when they’ll go into effect. Let’s look at the main topic of discussion in the UK right now.

No room for misinterpretation

With the new set of guidelines, there is no more room for mistakes either by users or operators. In fact, the new verification process state that before any gambling begins all accounts need to be age and identity verified, and this is for all types of gambling, such as online casino gambling. Which effectively means that a user can’t deposit, use bonus money, play a free bet or even test games in fun mode.

The new guidelines will go live on May 7th. Which, in essence, leaves only 3 short months for operators to comply. Admittedly, the new rules will come as a bucket of cold water for some. Not long ago the UKGC changed the age verification process. Indeed, recently the UKGC obliged all operators to verify accounts within 72 hours of being opened.

Age verified before gamblingNeil McArthur of the UKGC explains

“These changes will protect children and the vulnerable from gambling-related harm. Plus, it’ll reduce the risk of crime linked to gambling. They will also make gambling fairer by helping consumers collect their winnings without unnecessary delays.”

All and all, the new set of guidelines are very much in line with the UKGC’s plan. In fact, we know that the regulator has a 3 years plan that will make gambling online “fairer and safer” for all. But one question remains, will the watchdog take it easier on operators that miss the cut-off date. Or will 2019 bring again, record-breaking fines?