BetConstruct Opens their Platform to Rival

Be flexible and partner-oriented, at least, that seems to be the strategy of BetConstruct nowadays. In fact, in spite of developing its own products, they’re also not shy to offer it to their competitors it seems.BetConstruct Opens their Platform to Rival

Together we are stronger

Indeed, the company develops most of the products in-house. Still, they also offer them to rivals, this is a real sign that BetConstruct is not greedy here. Actually, it’s the exact opposite.

“We don’t play God to our partners. We let them decide what’s best for them”. Said BetConstruct Founder and CEO Vigen Badalyan in a recent press release. But, the company does keep some restrictions. For example, where the success of the vertical depends on liquidity. In those cases, they limit the offer to their own products. But sportsbook is an exception to this rule! “Today we open our platform to all sportsbooks,” said the CEO. As far as slots go, BetConstruct offers games from many developers (like NetEnt, Red Tiger and Microgaming) under the same conditions and with their own content software.

History repeating

In fact, the company believes the history will repeat itself. So far, they only benefited from all diversification projects in all verticals. But the company acts in line with its motto of cooperation.

To sum up, they believe it will help them to offer its product to other operators. In the same press release, they also added that they think that this move gives operators the freedom they need. And at the same time the choice of the solution that fits best their business.

BetConstruct is an award-winning developer. Their solution provides tools and other services for online and offline operators. Some of their area of expertise include sales, development and service centres. Also, it’s worth knowing that the company operates in 16 countries.