Betsoft’s Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Mixes Slots and RPG

Betsoft Gaming has launched Max Quest: Wrath of Ra only days ago. The new multiplayer adventure promises to shake the slot industry. Indeed, both the concept and the gameplay are unique. The release combines a high-speed experience with graphics seen on consoles. It aspires to bring an entirely new twist to a slot, and by doing so, to hit new demographics.

A step ahead

The game packed with action uses the developer’s SHIFT environment. The traditional platform allows for a better experience on both desktop and mobile. But that’s where traditional ends! Max Quest is more than just Betsoft’s marquee release for 2018.

“Our team of artists, designers, developers and experts created a new experience. It stands apart from anything seen before,” said marketing director Annamaria Anastasi.

All rolled up into one

In fact, its combination of RNG, video game, and social networking has all it takes to make a new product. The studio wanted it to have a huge cross-over appeal. To achieve that, the developer packed it with advanced social features. Thanks to this, the slot achieves a deep and lasting sense of the player’s progression.

“Max Quest has fulfilled our ambition. It has high-octane gameplay and console-grade graphics and animations. It’s ready to redefine what casino gaming can be. It captures the attention of slots players and all-new demographics,” Anastasi added.

Action for gamers

The slot itself reminds more of an action game set in the Egyptian desert. It invites players on a quest to search for hidden treasures and riches. During the game, the players will meet monsters and defeat wild creatures.

They range from pharaoh spirits and mutant scarabs to mummies. But it’s not just the graphics that are novel and innovative. In fact, in multiplayer mode, the players not only play against each other. They can also cooperate to reach shared goals, too.

Betsoft’s Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Mixes Slots and RPGRedefining the industry

But Betsoft’s latest game breaks another tradition. Even if it’s a slot, players will not find the classic reels to spin for a win. The game features rather a truly all-action shootout storyline.

Yes, with progressive levels, avatars, weapons and bosses of all kinds. To get an idea, the spin button takes the shape of crosshairs and the pay lines of bullets, for example. And this RPG-inspired approach might be the key to redefine the industry.

Try it now, it’s available in many casinos listed on this site. It’s an innovative slot that will for sure engage you! Have fun!