Biometric enters gambling

After banks and corporations, the new technology makes its way to gambling, as well. Indeed, as things stand, cashless biometric betting will be a reality soon. For now, it’s only available in Japan! But the British love their mobile phones, also they adapt well to new technology. Besides, one has to consider the size of our market. All in all, we think there’s a high chance we’ll see this technology in the UK soon.Fujitsu

Palm Vein Check

The Japanese company Fujitsu launched the solution first at the Tokyo Racecourse recently. According to the news, after a successful trial, they’ll roll it out to other venues across the country. In essence, the machine verifies the user via his palm veins. The player’s data connects to his user account then players can use it for placing bets, but also to cash out, of course. Several bodies verified the system. In fact, it’s in use for some time now. Indeed, Banks introduced it for checks at automatic tellers. In a similar way, corporations use it for id checks in their internal systems. Yet, this is the first time the technology hits the betting industry.

More Benefits and Security

According to the company, the devices create a secure environment for placing bets, and for requesting payouts. They offer high accuracy and make identity fraud impossible. But the technology brings along other benefits for users, too. Its use eliminates the need for paper tickets, as well as providing user data changes. To sum up, it allows for user-friendly, yet high accuracy checks. Both of these elements would definitely benefit us. The British sports betting market is one of the most important globally. And new technology spreads across the most innovative sectors fast. Are we on the brink of cashless betting but also eliminating KYC checks? Let’s see what the future has in store for us!