Daily Fantasy Sports coming to the UK

We’ve all seen the recent upswing and trend in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). And the UK is about to get its share of action on the popular game. In fact, Scout Gaming got their application approved and received a B2B Licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

UK gambling commissionAs a result, their product should go live with UK operators soon. Also, it’s worth knowing that they plan to extend their offering since the license will work in tandem with their B2C licence.

New ways to compete

We all know that the UK market is one of the hardest to enter, compete and comply with. So, operators need to find new and unsaturated products to gain market shares. Well, DFS would be one of them. And this would allow Scout Gaming to tap into a new demographics of players.

When the news came out of Scout Gaming meeting room. The CEO, Andreas Ternström commented and said. “With a toughening regulatory environment trend ongoing, not only in the UK, operators need to look for new ways of acquiring players and broaden their target group. We build games that speak to a different kind of audience. The skill aspect attracts the younger generation who have grown up playing skill-based games.”

Overseas revenue becomes a UK affair

So, let’s take a closer look at the popularity of DFS. This may give us some good insight into what could happen in the UK. In America, DFS is gaining in popularity. In fact, some operators offer DFS already along with Sportsbook. And the revenue generated by DFS in the states paint a clear picture of why Scout Gaming invested in this product.

In 2017, DFS saw revenues of £2.24 Billion ($2.91 B) in the USA. And in 2018 the staggering revenues are already beaten since they generated £2.31 Billion ($3 B). So, the prognoses are looking good, for the ones spearheading DFS into the UK market.