Enteractive signs partnership with Kindred Group

Picking up the phone and calling your customers might be a thing of the past. But if true professionals conduct the service, and if it’s directed to the right target market, it might still do the trick! In brief, that’s the idea behind Kindred Group’s latest move. Indeed, the group signed the deal with the retention solutions provider Enteractive. The agreement aims to improve the reactivation of churned players. The provider’s service is now fully integrated with Unibet and its marketing plan.Enteractive signs partnership with Kindred Group

Enteractive, an anti-churn tool

Apart from Kindred’s flagship brand, Unibet. The company works with other top-tier gaming operators. Such as Betsson and GIG. In brief, the new solution helps to reactivate churned players. It does it through personalised phone calls. In other words, Trained staff take a direct approach with players through the calls. And try to understand each player’s specific needs. By reactivating churning players, the service improves retention.

To sum up, the group didn’t hesitate to enter into a long-term deal. The results after the trial period promised a lot. Its initial success impressed the board. “Making churned players active impacts the business,” confirmed Michail Koutsoukos. “Especially, with acquisition costs on the rise,” added the group’s Head of Comms.

To Protect the weak

Indeed, direct calls bring along other benefits too. The calls can point out players, that are vulnerable. And so, the service also improves other abilities of the operator. For the most part, it acts in compliance with social responsibility. In fact, the service does follow the Global Gaming Guidance Group.

Not only do they get more insight into the player’s experience. But also works to identify any potential problems players might have. And by doing so, it can help to keep the standards of responsible gaming.

CEO Mikael Hansson said operators only now discover its real value. And they start to see the benefits of the reactivation of churned players to the business. “Our service provides an opportunity. A chance for a responsible access to these lost players, for the most part. Operators can then offer them customised experiences. And build the user journey on their preferences.

Telling you view matter

Giving the popularity of Unibet and GiG’s brands, Guts and Thrills to name a few… There’s a good chance you can expect a call from Enteractive if you haven’t played in a while!

So why not take the opportunity to share your thoughts! It will only benefit you and other casino players in the long run!