FastTrack Introduces Enhanced CRM Tool

FastTrack Introduces Enhanced CRM ToolCRM is an important aspect of all online casinos! In fact, without CRM it would be difficult to communicate effectively with players. But also to create tailor-made promotions that appeal to different segments. Fast Track (FT) understands the importance of CRM, and for this reason, they’re launching a brand new solution.

Indeed, the technology provider promises it will improve the players’ experience! Plus, it’s also an easy to use tool that all marketing staff will adore. In fact, it has a simple interface with everything in one place. Plus, the tool allows them to analyse, manage and automate the players’ journey in real time.

All under one roof

All and all, the main weapon of the new CRM platform is the fact it’s connected with real-time data. Thanks to this, it can coordinate both all the communication channels and the reward systems too. By doing so, the automated solution improves the customer experience efficiently. Which means that you as a player should only receive emails, SMS and rewards that appeal to you, if the casino you play at uses this solution, that is.

During the design of phase, the award-winning company listened to customer feedback to enhance their solution. “It was clear to me from day one. In order to deliver an exceptional experience, we first needed to fix the main problems in CRM. Manual ad-hoc processes and moving lists between different systems aren’t scalable. Additionally, we needed a tool which fits our work process,” said FT CEO Simon Lidzén.

No more spam!

If you’re an avid casino player, you already know that when signing up to a new casino brand, you’ll automatically enrol into a CRM life-cycle. Sometimes the life-cycle is great, but sometimes it’s just annoying to receive so many email and SMS that’s just not relevant to you!

Well, the good news is that many online casinos like Cashmio and Instacasino understand your position. And they’ve already signed up with FT! So, if you play on any of these brands, you can say goodbye to spam! And hello to tailor-made and real-time relevant bonus offers!