Football clubs to stay away from children

Uk gambling operators received yet another warning from the local regulators. Indeed, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) issued a rule reminder. And the focus of this reminder was promoting gambling to children. Football club sites and shirt retailers are the main ones who received the reminder. Because these companies target children since their sites have direct links to clubs’ sponsor. And naturally, this breach the rules if the sponsor is a casino. Similarly, under 18’s football shirts with operator’s logos created concerns.gambling commission

Websites and Shirts

The raised finger comes after a BBC report. In total, the BBC found that 15 clubs enticed visitors to visit gambling sites. The clubs in question ranged from the Premier League to the top Scottish Premiership. As a result, some websites removed their sponsors’ link from their pages. But according to another industry watchdog, it’s not enough. The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) plans to contact all leagues. In the same way, ASA issued a warning last October where it asked operators to get rid of all child-friendly ads.

A strong message

But the list of previous warnings doesn’t stop there. In January, the media pointed to several operators for similar infractions. As a result, the Football Association filed charges against the Fun88 brand. Also, another move from the UKGC carried a strong message. During the summer, it repeated its promise to protect the children. The vow came after the Labour party promised to ban all gambling sponsorship from football. The warning ends with a mention of “tougher action” against unruly regulators, that will take effect on the last day of October. The watchdog’s CEO Neil McArthur in June also spoke of “relentless escalation”. Plus, he added that financial penalties would come to those who don’t get the message. So that children can be children online and not be exposed to adults’ hobbies!