Fraudsters target British Horseracing

Fraudsters target British HorseracingEarly November, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) was subject to a scam. In fact, fraudsters targeted horseracing fans in the UK. In essence, a group of individuals claimed to be private investigators acting in behalf of the BHA.

They argued that customers were victims of fraud, and had a pending payout. But, to claim the amount, they first needed to pay a small sum before the larger amount reach them. The reason why this scam worked so well is that the BHA launched a survey more or less at the same time.

BHA fast to act

When the bogus claims reached BHA’s ears, they were quick to release a statement. In fact, Chris Watts, the integrity chief at BHA said. “The BHA does not use private investigators. If anyone comes in contact with someone claiming to be a BHA investigator, they not genuine. Should the public have concerns, they can contact the BHA to confirm this. And if the approach is not genuine, then the local authorities will be contacted. This is a criminal matter.”

At this time no reports indicate exactly how many individuals were victims of the crime. Or how much money the fraudsters managed to retrieve before BHA put a lid on the unfortunate turn of event.

The BHA Survey

Recently, the BHA sent a survey to 10,000 men and women connected to the business. The persons contacted included racecourses, participants, stakeholders, and media. The main goal of this survey was to establish if the confidence level had pivoted in the last 12 months. But it also asked survey participants to identify the most prominent existing integrity threats.

Who is BHA

The BHA saw the day in 2007. In fact, it’s a collaboration between the British Horseracing Board (BHB) and the Horseracing Regulatory Authority (HRA) that created this association. Their mission is to govern and regulate the horseracing industry in Britain. And their main goal is to keep the racing fair and clean. But the BHA also secures funding for the sport and the welfare of the animals.