Gambling Sponsors Banned from Wembley, NFL Does the Opposite

London’s iconic stadium will not feature any gambling sponsors anytime soon. Indeed, the UK government had a change of heart it seems. In fact, it will prohibit the stadium’s new owner from any sponsorship deals with casinos. The government reportedly changed plans after pressure from the English Football Association (FA).English Football Association

No Gambling Ads

To sum up, the stadium is on the market, and a buyer is already lined up. It’s Fulham FC owner Shahid Khan that expressed his interest in the facility. Although the deal is not done yet, the negotiations are in full swing. And should see confirmation this year. Shahid has handed in his offer of £600 Million to take over the stadium. Now, if the stadium change owner. It still would not give him the right to do as he pleases. All and all, the ban on gambling adds, and the stadium’s naming rights will stay in place until 2057.

Sources cited the FA’s desire to keep Wembley as the “home of English football.” In a similar move, the FA backed out of a deal with UK bookie Ladbrokes. An internal review from a year ago showed such deals are not appropriate for a sports body.

Khan owner of multiple teams

In addition, apart from owning the Premier League team, Khan also owns an NFL team. And the new regulations would also ban him from promoting his NFL team in Wembley. He declared he wants his team as a permanent fixture during NFL’s annual game in the British capital.

Things are different across the ocean

Contrary to the UK, things go the other direction when crossing the Atlantic. Indeed, the NFL has reportedly changed its stance over casino ads on the stadiums. Also, stadiums now have the rights to sign sponsorship deals with gambling operators. But, advertising during the game will remain banned. Yet, the above changes represent a huge change of mindset.