Genting UK and IGT release new slot game

Las Vegas-based IGT & Genting Casinos have come together to launch a new video slot titled, SpinSplosion. The new game features unique options that as a slot player, we think you’re going to love! Not to mention, this game takes interactive slot play to a whole new level.

About SpinSplosion

First, SpinSplosion is not your ordinary slot machine! Well, unless you want it to be of course. Although if you’re looking for a little more action, then look no further! SpinSplosion offers the option to switch from coin mode to tournament mode instantly! So, it’s a pretty unique game, and you can only find in the UK at the moment!

In fact, you can only play SpinSplosion at Genting Casino Birmingham & Genting Casino Manchester. Although Genting plans to roll the new game out at its Southampton, Sheffield and Westcliff locations this month! So make sure to be on the lookout for SpinSplosion at the casino near you. After all, this could become the most popular event in video-slot history!

The gameplay

As we mentioned above, this is not your average slot machine. As a player, you’ll have to keep track of more things in tournament mode, but that only turns up the excitement! For example, you’ll send as many pinballs to the top of the screen, where these balls will then break blocks. As a result, small parachutes carrying a package will fall down to the main screen.

Once they reach the reels’ area, you can then touch the screen to capture the package containing points and payouts. These in return can make the difference between winning and losing at the end of the game. Also, these points and payouts allow you to stand out in a tournament. So as you can see, it’s a little more than pulling the handle down or hitting a button!

Official Word

In conclusion, we think it’s only right to leave you with the official word. In fact, the development & design of this game is intended for your entertainment. On that note, Senior Gaming Manager, Sharon Lynch said, “It’s a proud moment for us at Genting UK to offer our customers the first opportunity to play the new SpinSplosion.

In fact, it’s fantastic to be the first and only casino in the UK to offer the game. Not to mention, we think this is going to be a huge hit with our loyal customers.” So there you have it, another casino trend being set right here in the heart of the UK.