GiG Comply First Partner, Mr Green

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has launched GiG Comply. It’s an innovative new B2B marketing tool. Besides, the Malta-based tech company inked a deal with Mr Green. Indeed, the brand will be the first client of GiG’s new compliance platform.GiG Comply First Partner, Mr Green

Brand Coherence

In essence, the system is a monitoring service tool. GiG designed it in response to operator’s calls for better control over third-party ads and brand protection. The tool provides visibility and understanding of brand advertisement. Plus, it monitors the compliance of these ads. It helps to drive responsible gaming in the right direction. In fact, it gives protection against non-brand websites. Now, this, in turn, benefits the coherence of ad campaigns and standards.

In short, the GiG Comply technology empowers the operators since they can now check affiliate websites by setting their own parameters. The system is scalable and, of course, re-usable on a daily basis. Clients can, for example, check if responsible measures are present and relevant. Similarly, the tool grants them the ability to check if terms and conditions are correct. So that players like yourself don’t get trick with false adds!

Early Leader

Richard Brown from GiG praised the first client of the new technology, Mr Green. “We’re proud to expand our partnership now including GiG Comply. Mr Green received acclaim for sustainability. By signing up to GiG Comply, they are now also an early leader in compliance,” he said.

Similarly, Mr Green CEO welcomed the news. “We always try to improve our Green Game thinking. By using this technology, we ensure the traffic coming our way is compliant. And comes in a green way,” commented Jesper Kärrbrink.

All and all, GiG provides services across the whole value chain in online gaming. Since 2012 GiG strives to connect operators, suppliers and players via its iGaming Cloud platform. And they’re also behind brands like Guts, Thrills and Rizk casino!