GiG Expands Its Poker Offers With OneTimePoker

GiG Expands Its Poker Offers With OneTimePokerGaming Innovation Group (GiG) has signed an agreement with OneTimePoker. The new white label partnership will allow GiG to feature the new poker brand via its Core platform. The deal marks a step ahead for both sides involved. In fact, the brand becomes its first external operator with a poker offering.

A Seamless Integration

The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) powers the new brand. Both companies believe the poker client will integrate without issues into the platform. But apart from the classic poker product, the new brand will also offer “casino in poker.” This mode gives the players a chance to beat the casino from the poker table. In a traditional game, they play rather against other players.

Besides, thanks to the platform, the final product features even more casino content. “We are happy with the new poker agreement. We hope that it will have a positive impact on the current poker scene,” said GiG CEO Robin Reed. “There are plans in the pipeline to help expand the brand further. We expect the new service to go live in the first quarter of 2019. It will provide a big boost to the company’s revenues in 2019 and beyond,” Reed further noted.

The Best Experience

OneTimePoker CEO Randall S. Kasper thinks the deal means repeating their previous success. But this time, the poker brand does it for itself, not for its clients. “Our goal is to be the next big name in poker. We need to be completely transparent to and trusted by players. We must customise their experience with the best practices we learned over the years,” he commented.

Kasper is also the founder of Poker Players International. Under the new project, he managed to gather the best industry veterans. Names like Jeff Maxon, Anthony Taylor, or Casey Jarzabek all form one team. The aim is to bring, in essence, the best possible poker experience to all players. “We couldn’t be more excited about our partners at GiG. They are the most professional organisation I met in the industry during my career,” he added.