GiG follow the trend in new game release

All game providers know that before creating a new slot, you need to do your market research and understand what players want. And of course, look for ways to put your unique twist on it. And that’s undoubtedly the biggest challenge since there are so many games on the market right now. But one thing is certain despite the number of Fruit theme slot there’s always room from more. And this is precisely what Gaming Innovation group (GiG) discovered as well. So to this effect, the group announced the release of their 3rd in-house production. And naturally, it’s a fruit machine which goes by the name of Fruit Slot.

GiG follow the trend in new game releaseBuilding their game portfolio

Upon announcing the new Fruit Slot, two of GiG’s decision maker gave their thought and explain their reasoning for releasing a game with such a common theme. In a recent press release, Mathias Larsson, MD of GiG Games said. “After the success of our first two games, we are now releasing a unique game called Fruit Slot. We believe that a strong casino game portfolio has to consist of some innovative content and this game for sure lives up to that philosophy.”

And, Kevin Corti, Head of Product added. “Fruit Slot provides players with a very different take on the typical slot machine gameplay experience. It is fast-paced, colourful and loud. The game’s Asian origins are plain for all to see. It has a lot of character. We focused on the mobile casino experience, and the result is a game that is extremely playable anywhere, anytime.”

Fruity theme with roulette element

One of the most recognisable trades of Fruit machines is that they’re bursting with colours. Plus, they all seem to have an easy to understand gameplay. And the good news is that GiG’s new release ticks all these boxes. But of course in true GiG style, they’ve ramped up the gameplay. In fact, in this game, you won’t simply spin away and hope to get a 5-of-a-kind to pocket a big win. Indeed, in Fruit Slot, you can also pick symbols to place additional wagers on. And That’s exciting! But equally impressive is the high RTP of 96.85% this game offers. But let’s not forget to mention the max win which could see you walk away from your favourite UK casino with £10,000!