GiG Inks Deal With GLHF to Provide eSports and iGaming Services

The premium technology supplier Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) marked an important milestone. In brief, the group has signed a deal with GLHF. Under its terms, GiG will provide its Core platform to the new rising brand in the eSports field. GLHF.GG is a joint venture in eSports of Gamingzone and MRG.

GiG Inks Deal With GLHF to Provide eSports and iGaming ServicesA Bet On The Future

In essence, GiG’s solution will power both the eSports and iGaming offering of the operator. The deal will go live at the start of next year, and the deal works with revenue share. At first, GiG doesn’t expect an immediate impact of the operation on its total revenue.

Yet, the company bets on the rising opportunities in the fast-growing eSports vertical. “GiG highly values MRG’s and Gamingzone´s experience in both iGaming and eSports. We’re delighted to enter the fast-growing eSports vertical together with them. And this adds further scale to our ecosystem. We’re looking forward to supporting GLHF.GG. To help them offer innovative and engaging products,” said GiG CEO Robin Reed.

Fast-Growing Market

Indeed, eSports is one of the fastest growing sectors in iGaming. To sum up, eSports features professional playing on tournaments and leagues for prize money. At the same time, viewers can place bets on events as on any other sports. And as the number of players and viewers multiply, the market also attracts more online casino sponsors.

According to available data, the market is worth over £700 Million. And the CEO of MRG Per Norman predict further growth in the eSports sector. Today, the industry entertains over 200 Million viewers globally, and he thinks there’s room for further expansion.

“Our ambition is to build the world’s most engaging eSports community. With Gamingzone Entertainment we’ll offer a new community called GLHF.GG for eSports fans. It will focus on entertainment, streams and betting on eSports. It will embody the true meaning of GLHF.GG,” he explained.