GiG Launches its on Sportsbook Platform

Nowadays, operators demand freedom and flexibility! Especially when it comes to their sportsbook platform. One size doesn’t fit all, anymore. Apparently, “nothing is impossible” sounds much better to their ears. And that is precisely where Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) targets its latest product. Indeed, their recently launched new product promises exactly that.GiG Launches its on Sportsbook Platform

Confident launch

The project of a new sportsbook platform built from scratch started in January 2017. The fact that GiG is both an operator and platform supplier contributed to the decision. As a supplier, it saw the need for a new-generation product. But as an operator, it did have enough experience to undertake such an ambitious project.

GiG’s own brand Rizk launched the platform before the World Cup as a test. Many thought back then, that it was too risky to kick off such a solution during the biggest sporting event of the year. But not GiG! The company was confident in its product given the experience of the team that created it. And testing it during the peak time certainly, help to prove how stable the new product is! And without a doubt makes for an excellent selling point to attract new clients.

Future-proof Technology

GiG claims every operator should have the freedom, to choose their odds.

“Platform and sportsbook providers need to understand one thing. The power now sits fully with the operators,” said Endre Nesset, Director of Sports at GiG.

And the company’s solution takes that into account. Its odds aggregator offers the operator the freedom to change the user experience.

As mentioned before, the confidence in the new product paid off. The company was offering out-of-market odds and markets. They based them on their own models. It also offered the so-called “Never suspend” markets. Especially so on outright markets. They made up for quite a risk! More so, considering the gap between two quarter-final matches. But GiG confirmed it did well margin-wise. Thus proving their point. That they offer a future-proof technology of their own creation.

GIG indeed is a game changer, and they’re not phased by innovation!