How to turn 80p into Millions

Mega Fortune DreamTime to shine a light on NetEnt’s latest multi-millionaire and his story. Indeed, earlier in November, a 49-year-old British man couldn’t sleep. Restless and in the hope to cure his insomnia, he decided to load up Mega Fortune Dreams.

As the man finally started to feel tired and was ready to catch a dream of his own, he suddenly got a wakeup call! In fact, the wheel feature triggered and he managed to turn an 80p bet into a whopping £4,082,246.09 jackpot win!

Needless to say, this was probably the best worst night of sleep this man had in his whole life! So, what did this man had to say about his impressive Jackpot win? And what are his plans going forward in life as a multi-million-pound jackpot winner! Let’s hear from the lucky winner himself!

You snooze, you lose

In fact, the new millionaire almost lost out of his win as he started to doze off during his session. And this is what he said after winning the Jackpot.

“I got home in the early afternoon and went to bed but couldn’t sleep, so I decided to have a play on the computer. To be fair I was actually dozing off when I hit the button, and the feature came up. I thought that, alright I’d won something, but I didn’t realise how much I had won. I sort of read something, so I got my glasses, and that’s when I knew how much it was! You hear about people winning these sorts of multi-million-pound jackpots, but you never really believe it, since it never happens to anyone you know. “

Fast cars for my dad and I

Not only did the man decide to make many dreams come true by sharing his fortune with family and close friends by giving away almost a million pounds! But he also planned something special for him and his dad. After all, winning so much on a slot means that you can become a wish maker to many.

“It really has changed my life. But it’s also changed other people’s lives for the good too. I’ve given my friends and family best of a million pounds. I’ve already bought an Aston Martin DB11 and a Jaguar XJ for my dad. But I got good deals! We’re going to Disneyland, and I’m no longer working!”

What a great story and it only proves that to win big on a jackpot game, you don’t need to wager that much. All you need is a bit of luck!