Ladbrokes in hot water!

A British bookmaker is in the spotlight with three cases that could lead to further headaches. The situation at hand happened on Ladbrokes. Indeed, three customers claim they’ve bets and have a bet number to prove it. Yet, Ladbrokes cancel the bets. So, an investigation of Ladbrokes software is on the way by the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).Ladbrokes in hot water!

Nowhere to hide

Something went wrong for sure! The facts we know so far is that three different customers reported almost identical scenarios. In fact, they got there bet approved with a bet number. (The number indicates acceptance of a bet and an enter in Ladbrokes bettingsystem). But after the races, the bet status changed to cancelled.

To add to the confusion, Ladbrokes claims the bets were never taken and reverted to the customers as declined. So, these are the events that led to the investigation of software malfunction.

The smoking gun

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. As later reported in the press, Ladbrokes decided to settle four similar complaints without IBAS involvement. But, at this stage, there is no official statement from Ladbrokes to indicate if this settlement were from the three initial complaints or other complaints.

So, this only adds to the speculations that Ladbrokes knew of the issue and failed to act accordingly. For now, we can only wait on IBAS and what they can find out. Which could potentially lead to more betting corrections!

Alarming numbers

So, if IBAS conclude that Ladbrokes had a technical glitch, the repercussion could be huge! In early November IBAS produced a 12-month report that stated that. During this period IBAS examined 3,595 individual cases among different operators. 1,923 ruled in favour of the operators, and only 277 in the customer’s favour. But, 1145 of the cases never reached IBAS table.

So, it could mean two things. First, the customers were happy with the outcome after communicating with the operator. Or, that the claim had no grounds, and resolved upon both parties investigated the facts. Although, one could still speculate that more cases never reach IBAS…

So for now, this story is still unfolding, and many suspect an issue with Ladbrokes software. So in the interest of protecting our readers, we’d suggest holding off Ladbrokes for a bit. Well at least until the IBAS reach a conclusion!