Lottoland Is The Official Guinness Record Holder For £79 Million Lotto Payout

Lottoland is now an official record holder. At least, when it comes to the largest online gaming payout. The company can from now on say they’re the home of the “largest online gambling payout in the history.” Indeed, the Guinness World Records recognized its EuroJackpot payout of £79 million as the biggest ever.Lottoland Is Now the Official Guinness Record Holder For £79 Million Lotto Payout

Her Last Clean-Up

The lucky winner hit the jackpot back in June. But Guinness had to verify the win first before it would list it as a record.

“I am happy to confirm that Lottoland did indeed manage to set a new Guinness World record title. It is for the Largest online gambling pay-out. It now stands at an incredible £79 million,” confirmed the official adjudicator Sofia Greenacre.

The jackpot went to a 36-year-old cleaner from the German capital Berlin. The press release also detailed she let her mother choose the numbers. But as it was her daughter Christina who entered the draw, she became the official winner.

Parallel Betting

Lottoland is a lottery betting site. It means its players don’t take part in the actual EuroJackpot game. In fact, the company runs a parallel lotto game. Yet, it follows the official lotto results and guarantees the winnings. The site is able to do so by using a model backed by insurance. Thanks to this, the winner took home exactly the same amount she would win in the real lottery.

The size of the record win suggests the industry found a good momentum. In short, revenues continue to grow year-on-year. And what’s more, over half of them come now from online operators, as per the UK Gambling Commission’s data. This means online gambling for the first time overtakes other forms of gambling in the UK. Besides, it’s proof that the internet becomes the favourite place for the British to enjoy casino type games.