Microgaming celebrate their anniversary with time travel!

Microgaming celebrate their anniversary with time travel! The newly appointed CEO John Coleman for Microgaming gathered the staff to mark their place in time. A time capsule that will mark the spot of the entrance of the new headquarters was buried last week. It is filled with reminders that are of great significance to the company. The vacuum sealed time capsule with its preserved content will see the daylight again in 30 years’ time. Amongst the items the decided to freeze in time are photos, news article, awards, and more. Not only will the memorabilia create an important company milestone in 30 years. But also remind future Microgaming employees of the culture they nurture Colman said.

“Most importantly. This moment serves as a reminder to our future selves of our unique heritage. And the people who have made this building more than just a place to work – it is truly a campus to be proud of.”Microgaming celebrate their anniversary with time travel!

The new headquarter

The project has cost Microgaming millions of pounds. But in the end, they ended up with a new building situated on five floors built with the staff in mind. In fact, the employees can say with pride that they work in one of the coolest buildings in Britain! Indeed, The Daily Telegraph named the building “The 10 Coolest offices of 2017”. The building itself houses around 300 staff members. And has a telescope where you can see a 360 view of the Isle of Man from the lobby.

Standing next to each other

The new and old HQ stand shoulder to shoulder in the capital city Douglas. And they continue to work in symbiosis. In fact, when the new HQ opened the former CEO Roger Raatgever, who’s now CEO of Apricot Investment, the new name for Microgaming Software Systems Limited commented by saying.

“It’s incredible to think that when we set up Microgaming in the island back in 2001, there was just six staff. Now we are a campus in the heart of Douglas, with two large offices, and best of all. They connect with a sky bridge, which was a must for me! It’s an exciting new chapter for Microgaming, and I’m immensely proud of what we achieved in our home.”

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