Microgaming inks in a new deal with ITV Studios

Nothing beats a slot with a good soundtrack! And Microgaming understand that slot players love to have fun! For this reason, the British gaming giant has inked a deal that will see players being both entertained and groove as they play! In fact, Microgaming has just signed a new partnership with no other than ITV Studio who owns the distribution rights to the Village people songs and brand! Yes “young man” you’ve read correctly! In 2019, Microgaming will produce a Village People slot! And given how popular band theme games are we’re really looking forward to it. But until Microgaming release more info about their upcoming game, let’s look into closer details at the deal!Microgaming inks in a new deal with ITV Studios

The deal

The news of the agreement between ITV Studio and Microgaming went public only days ago. It will see two major players in the entertainment industry come together for a great cause. Entertain you! In fact, in the press release Microgaming confirmed that the new slot would have images of the Cowboy, the Policeman and the Builder. But it will also feature hit songs like YMCA! Now we only hope that Microgaming will give players the chance to change the song they spin too, just like NetEnt did with the release of Guns n’ Roses! However, this was not yet confirmed by Microgaming. So, we’ll have to wait and see how they’ll bring to life this iconic band.

A word from Microgaming

Following the news Andrew Clucas, COO at Microgaming said.

“Village People is an iconic brand. The disco group had a huge impact on the future of the pop culture. And they had several hit songs that were mainstream throughout the 80’s and 90’s.”

He added…

“Microgaming is happy to announce the development of the new game. It’ll feature the band’s greatest hits and its members for the first time in the form of an online slot game. Additionally, the new game adds a new dimension to our extensive portfolio of branded content.”