Microgaming reveals its hand and a new poker client!

Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) released a new poker client. This new program delivers a more rewarding experience around the poker table. In fact, Microgaming started to roll out Prima on July 26th. Prima offers an easy navigation that streamlines tournaments, transactions, and casino games. In other words, the new poker client is a stripped down program that was built from the ground up.

Jean-Luc Ferriere Microgaming CCO commented on the new release.

“It’s an exciting time for the MPN. The launch of Prima marks another move in our strategy. We continue developing products that give players the best experience on any device.”Microgaming reveals its hand and a new poker client!

More on the new poker client

The new software, Prima has a heavy focus on player awareness and responsible gaming. In fact, gambling awareness is even more transparent than before. Indeed, Prima allows players to export hand history, earnings and losses easily. What’s more is that Prima comes with a clear reward program. It also has many new filters that will save players time when looking for a seat at a table. Additionally, the new poker client is in Ultra High Definition. So players will have a more pleasant experience. And it also gives players the option to publish their winning hands and bad beats on social media with one click.

What will the benefits for the operators be?

All and all, Prima is in modules which is quite beneficial for operators. In essence, the new code enables quick updates and improvements. Which means players will have a stable platform they can enjoy.

Additionally, Alex Scott Head of Product went on record by saying.

“This is our most important poker release and the result of a multi-year strategy. I’m proud of what the team has done. And I’m so excited about what we are going to build together in the coming months”.