Multilotto top management plays musical chair!

The departure of Thomas Biro who sat in the top chair at Multilotto created a major senior management shakeup! And it’s no surprise since the man served as CEO for 7 years. In fact, Biro not only helps the company to establish itself on British turf firmly. But he also helped the business to grow from a lotto service distributor to a fully licensed online casino with a big lottery vertical. At the moment it’s not yet clear why Biro left the company. However, Multilotto announced in a press release that Christian Hellbjer would step up and sit in his chair as of 22nd January.

More on the new CEO

Hellbjer, certainly is no stranger to Multilotto. In fact, the new chief executive previously served as Financial Controller for The Multi Group. A role that he quickly outgrew. Even if it was its first position after completing his degree at Lund University. Indeed, after only 10 months as Financial Controller, the man of the hour became CFO for the group. A position that he held for over 2 years.Multilotto top management plays musical chair

Following his promotion, Hellbjer commented. “It’s an honour to take on the CEO role. I’m happy to guide the Multilotto team to the highest levels. We’ll continue to build on our strong foundations, for the years to come.”

New head, new face!

After the departure of Biro, it seems that Multilotto wanted to re-structure the company even more. In fact, early January the company got a new head of the operation. And surely Mark Knighton is a perfect fit for the role. In fact, Mark has over 25 years’ experience in iGaming. He previously held senior sales position for the Swedish national lottery. And his in-depth knowledge of the sector will help the company reaching the highest levels desired by the new CEO.