NetEnt Interim Report for First Three Quarters of 2018

On October 25th, 2018, Therese Hillman, CEO of NetEnt presented the company’s Interim Report live via a webcast. And from the sound of it, things are really looking good for NetEnt, especially, in the third quarter. As Theresa Hillman mentioned, “The Third quarter was marked by a strong start due to the successful release of Jumanji.”

NetEnt Interim Report for First Three Quarters of 2018So as you can see, business is looking good under Hillman’s management. On that note, let’s crunch the numbers and reveal just how well NetEnt is doing this year!

The Numbers

First, NetEnt generated £111.25 million in revenue during the first nine months of 2018. And there’s still one more quarter to go. Although as we pointed out earlier, NetEnt had an outstanding third quarter. From July to September, NetEnt generated £37.39 million in revenue. Also, the company saw a profit of £13.09 million after taxes.

These are outstanding numbers, and they’re partially due to the launched of NetEnt games on the British Columbia Lottery Corp. in Canada and Norsk Tipping in Norway. Furthermore, in the third quarter, NetEnt was the first company to launch in Lithuania’s regulated market. Not to mention, NetEnt also released games on Hard Rock in Atlantic City, NJ.

Moving forward

In conclusion, NetEnt is on track to close out the year with impressive numbers. Now, this is only a prediction, but as it stands, NetEnt has one more huge game in the pipeline waiting to be released. If all goes well, then by the end of 2018 we should see the official launch of Vikings! Yes, you read that right! NetEnt is making a new game based on the successful HBO series Vikings, and that alone is creating a lot of hype in the industry! Which, is also NetEnt biggest game production of the year! Additionally, they have four other games that are due to launch this year as well! So as you can see, there’s still much more to come!