Pharmaceuticals Giant to Invest in a European Casino

Gambling is, indeed, a lucrative industry and big players from other sectors know that. In fact, a new player from an unrelated industry wants to invest in gambling.

In short, Easton Pharmaceuticals (EP), wants to build a major casino resort somewhere in Europe. For now, the company only said a few things about their plans. But we know that the new casino will be on a riverside location. Could it be the Thames? Or maybe the company will bank on a sunnier destination like the French Riviera?Pharmaceuticals Giant to Invest in a European Casino

A European resort

The Canadian giant announced its intentions via a letter of Interest last week. The plan involves a casino and hotel resort. Yet, the announcement didn’t disclose the future resort’s site. It only said the casino would sit on “an idyllic riverside location”. But the resort’s size is impressive. And the projected annual revenue of over €77 million suggests heavy investment.

All and all, the hotel will have 538 rooms, VIP Suits, 5 restaurants, and food courts. Plus, EP is planning for a brand new convention centre, Spa, shopping mall, and a nightclub.

And finally, let’s get down to the casino floor, more than a thousand slots are in the plans. But also fifty table games will make sure everyone can try their luck.

New sectors

With such a heavy investment and no experience in the industry, EP is not venturing on new turf alone! In fact, the company announced they’re teaming up with an American company that has lots of experience in gaming.

The current negotiations should end within a month’s time. After that, EP will release more details on their plans.

Also, it’s worth knowing that it’s the second Casino, that EP chases. And it’s no surprise really since the company plans to invest in lucrative new industries like real estate and hospitality. So casinos fit well with the company’s new vision!