Play’n GO release Banana Rock Slot!

The Premium game developer Play’n GO has revealed its latest title, and it goes by the name of Banana Rock. The new game release features a monkey band who come together for a final show. On top of that, the studio’s popular WinSpin function peppers the storyline.Play’n GO release Banana Rock Slot!

All and all, the WinSpin feature guarantees a game that is sure to engage many players all over Britain. So let’s get stuck into it and see what the new slot has to offer!

A Band of Monkeys

In short, the main character of the game is Simeon Chimpsky, the fictional group’s leader. Under his guidance, players go through various challenges to reach their next gig. And, of course, win big prizes too!

“Banana Rock is a very creative concept for a slot. It’s drawing people in,” said CEO Johan Törnqvist about their latest game. In fact, it’s a rather light-hearted, but engaging concept and design. But as the studio’s boss admitted, an interesting theme on its own is not enough anymore. “You don’t keep players entertained with good looks alone. The game must have more going on below the surface,” he explained.

The Win Spin Feature

To sum up, in the latest press release the CEO briefly discussed Play’n GO’s trademark feature. In fact, the popular function guarantees a win for the player after the special spins are triggered. In the past, other games, like Pimped for example, already made use of this feature to great effect.

“The dynamic gameplay backs the visuals. It includes the Re-Spin and Free Spin features. These are what keep the players enjoying the game. It’s particularly engaging, and we’re very proud of it. It gives players that little something extra. At the end of the day, we want to entertain players,” Törnqvist added.

But don’t take our or Mr Törnqvist words for it. Head out to any casinos listed on this page to try this new game. Get ready to rock the reels and go banana! Have fun!