Play’n GO’s Latest Slot Iron Girl Goes 3D

Play’n GO’s Latest Slot Iron Girl Goes 3DGet in the body of an intergalactic bounty hunter and win some great prizes along the way. That’s exactly what Iron Girl offers. Play’n GO’s latest slot proposes a space-age adventure with a female hero. On top of that, it introduces 3D animation in the studio’s game portfolio.

Bounty Hunt

In essence, the new game is a classic five-reel slot. But when it comes to graphics and design, the slot stick’s out. Iron Girl, the titular character, chases down wanted criminals across the galaxy. The bounty hunter uses the help of her Iron Armor. And this feature has a special significance for the game supplier. In fact, it marks the first for the award-winning studio in at least one sense.
In brief, the game uses 3D graphics to animate the Iron Armor. Indeed, animations become more popular in slots. Still, the company didn’t use this format before.

“When designing Iron Girl, we wanted the game to stand out visually. And also to do justice to the concept and the nature of it. So the time was right for 3D. It’s a very engaging game,” explained Play’n GO CEO Johan Törnqvist.

Great Design

Play’n GO produced several popular slots in the past years. And Players can recognise them easily thanks to engaging graphics and captivating design. “The visuals add even more to the player experience. And this is very important for us,” Törnqvist also said. In fact, the process shows how complicated it is to introduce a new technological element for the first time. Even for a premium slot developer with lots of experience.

But it’s not only the technical part that matters, of course. Of the same importance is to find the exact game, that fits the new feature. “3D graphics are getting very popular in slot gaming. But we didn’t want to rush starting using them, just because we could. We wanted to make sure we had the right game. And that it would look perfect,” Törnqvist added.