Q3 report from Yggdrasil Gaming

Q3 report from Yggdrasil Gaming

It’s been a hectic year for the industry giant, Yggdrasil Gaming. All from the venture into new markets to a new brand partnership deal with Nitro Circus. And we can guarantee that you will read some impressive numbers because of that. So, it’s with excitement we have the pleasure to bring you some of the highlights as Q3 has come to an end.

Highlights from the past months

Let’s start with a crowd-pleaser, the brand partnership with Nitro Circus! This deal marked the first branded slot ever created by the studio. And with Nitro Circus anticipated success we can only imagine what Yggdrasil can do and the kind of new partners they’ll attract!

But that’s not all! In fact, during this quarter they managed to release three new games, Penguin City, Hanzo’s Dojo, and Wolf Hunters. In addition to being busy with game development, Yggdrasil Gaming has signed 13 more license agreements. Plus, they made an entry into Taiwan with the social gaming operator XSG. But more importantly, two certificates of operation to launch in Spain and the Czech Republic were issued. And the bow that ties everything up was the creation of the UK legal entity.

What the CEO had to say

The fantastic quarter can best find its explanation in the hard work, quality, and deal-making skills the organisation possesses. So, let’s hear what the quarter has meant to the revenue, from the CEO’s perspective, Fredrik Elmqvist.

“On behalf of the whole team at Yggdrasil, I am pleased to announce yet another eventful quarter. Where end-user activity measured by player rounds reached 1,534 million during the quarter. Representing an uptick of 51% from the same period last year. Revenues for the quarter grew by 62% compared to 2017 to £6.1 Million.” He added, “We continued to fully emphasise our expansion focus by making investments for the future, both in the business and into new products.”

What to take out of the figures?

Yggdrasil’s games a sure gaining in popularity! It’s not every operator that can say they’ve handled over 1.5 million bets in a quarter! Admittedly, these figures are likely to increase for Q4 as the seasonality sees to affect the industry.

What’s also impressive is that during this quarter no major technical issues were reported from a games perspective. So, Yggdrasil product is not only excellent, but it’s also very stable too. And players are noticing it!