Red Tiger Gaming get ISO certification

In the past four years, Red Tiger Gaming (RTG), the popular slot and software company had a great deal of success. Indeed, not only are their games available in online casinos all over Britain. But now thanks to a recent milestone, the company can compete with the most established companies in the iGaming world.

In fact, in a recent press release, RTG announced they had ticked all the boxes to get the ISO 27001 certificate. The certification tells the industry that RTG is serious about their intent. Plus, that the company is ready to follow more security measures when handling customers’ data.

Not only for show off

Indeed, the ISO certification is not only for showing off. In fact, more jurisdictions are starting to demand a higher level of security. And the recent certification makes RTG a serious contender in the business.

The CEO, Gavin Hamilton at RTG said. “We’re very pleased to get this. It demonstrates our desire to protect the data of our operator partners’ customers. We believe it is very important that we judge ourselves by international standards… This will serve us as we expand our business into new territories.”Red Tiger Gaming get ISO certification

New landscape

All and all, in recent years the online gaming industry has seen some dramatic changes. And for the better, if we may add. With more regulatory body and watchdog taking the customer interest at heart the industry transformed into a business that is now transparent. And the ISO certification is only one of many standards that a reputable provider has to strive to get. And all of this to maintain its credibility in the UK.

As always, serious providers welcome the changes! And those who want to stay in business and pleasing players want to keep the industry clean! So, Congrats RTG! Well done and good move!