Red Tiger goes Fruity-Licious

Red Tiger goes Fruity-LiciousThe iGaming industry has nothing against fruit machines. In fact, we keep on seeing new classic releases upon new classic releases nowadays. And this time it’s Red Tiger’s turn to sharpen their claws and see what they can do with a familiar concept.

By the look of things, it seems the game developer indeed has found something new to add to the classic genre. The new Fruit Blox has unique features and functions. So, it makes this slot stand in a category of its own. But, enough with the suspense! Let’s dive head first into Fruit Blox and see what we can stick our teeth in!

Many, many, many ways to win

Not only is Fruit Blox the latest addition to Red Tiger portfolio. But it also adds different combinations to the way you win. In fact, with the impressive 6000 potential ways and the new feature Connect Ways payout, we’re quite sure that they have a winner on their hands.

To sum up, this new slot gives you the opportunity to win both vertically and horizontally! And on top of that, Fruit Blox has mega tiles. Adding to the new feature is a concept that works, Extra Spins! In fact, during the feature a regular symbol, can transform into a Wild and remain wild for the full bonus.

Red Tiger explain

Of course, with new features come new challenges for the game provider. And it can sometimes be hard for the general public to understand its purpose and how new features works. Plus, we know that you as a player don’t like to spend time trying to understand the game. So, Carl Ejlertsson, Red Tiger Gaming’s product specialist took the time to fill you in on one of the new features.

“The Connect Ways Structure works particularly well with Fruit Blox. Every symbol in the game is filled with colour. So, it’s very easy to see connected symbols as the slot reels’ spin. Instead of having to remember the paylines. Players can easily watch for the Connect Ways sections to earn a big win.” As you see, this new payout structure is easy to understand! Now all you have to do is to test your luck and Have fun!