Relax Gaming Announces Partnership Deal with Dice Lab

As many have noticed, the B2B supplier Relax Gaming has been making a lot of noise in recent months. In fact, they’ve announced several major deals this year alone! Now they secure another one with the gaming studio, Dice Lab. Which, is RG’s latest partner to gain access to its distribution network via the Silver Bullet platform. So, let’s check out the details of this new deal at hand!

Relax Gaming Announces Partnership Deal with Dice LabDetails with Benefits

First, Dice Lab is a young and innovative casino game design studio. The company joined the iGaming scene only last year in 2018. Therefore, the deal at hand gives them a huge opportunity to shine before a live audience with their first release SlotDice!

With that said, it’s expected they’ll launch SlotDice in the coming weeks. All and all, the game will offer a new RNG spin of the classic dice game, Yahtzee! Going forward, Dice Lab CEO Enrico Bradamante said it best, “The structure of RG’s Silver Bullet programme instantly appealed to us. Plus, we think it’ll boost our distribution capability with the utmost clarity. Also, we’re confident that players are going to love our unique spin on content.” So as you can see, Dice Lab is extremely confident in their content offering.

Relax Gaming Official Word

To conclude, let’s seal this deal with an official word from RG CEO Daniel Eskola. According to him, “It’s a delight to enter into such agreement with Dice Lab. Moving ahead, we will continue offering game providers the most cost-efficient route to market. All and all, this deal is a crucial endorsement as we’re entering into a fresh commercial iGaming sector.” He added, “And, we’re just happy to be working with such an innovative partner such as Dice Lab.”

With a minimum bet of £0.01, SlotDice is definitely the most cost-effective game for online casinos to promote. On that note, it’s going to be exciting to see how SlotDice performs in the near future. And remember to keep on visiting to get more insights when the game goes live!