Scientific Games (SG) in good shape!

Scientific Games (SG) in good shape! The second quarter for SG indicated good strategic moves. In fact, the revenue increased by 10% from £600,3 million to £661,7 million when compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Additionally, the figures indicated a growth across all platforms and product. This time NYX contributed to £39,6 million alone. Which proves once again that SG was right to buy the company less than one year ago.

But, it’s not all positive numbers since the restructure, had a negative impact of £7,8 million on the overall figures. But don’t worry, if you have SG shares. Even if SG restructure cost a bit of money, it cost still less than the restructuring of 2017! And it seems that the restructuring is paying off already!Scientific Games (SG) in good shape!

Revealing the numbers

When releasing the numbers, Barry Cottle SG’s CEO clearly had the company’s best interest at heart. In fact, he reminded the shareholders of the company’s vision and how he intends to reach the pre-set goals by the board.

“I’m very pleased with our accomplishments this quarter. And particularly proud that all four businesses continued to experience growth. Not only are we accelerating our economic momentum. But our businesses are also strong and ready to capitalise on more opportunities”.

At the same time, Cottle reminded the group that SG still wants to deliver “great games and robust platforms and systems”.

What to take out of SG’s Financial report?

Financial reports are not easy to understand for casino players. But still, they’re essential because they frequently show if a company is willing to put money into innovation! And given the fact that SG is doing exceptionally well, we can, therefore assume they’ll have bigger and better budget to work with. And of course, they’ll produce even better games for you to enjoy! SG games are available in many online casinos in the UK. So why not trying their latest release today by claiming a casino bonus!