Sky to Reduce Gambling Ads

Sky to Reduce Gambling AdsIn current time, more and more media attention focuses on gambling addiction and customer protection by creating more regulations. But now, this debate starts to transform the betting industry. Or at least it’s fair to say, significant changes are coming into effect in the UK. Indeed, one of the biggest TV providers in the world Sky plans to limit the volume of gambling ads it broadcasts.

One ad per break

The top pay-per-view provider announced the measure is part of its internal policy. In essence, it will reduce the number of betting ads during commercial breaks to one. In the present, as much as four different gambling ads can fit in one commercial slot. The new policy comes into effect from August 2019. And It means viewers will see less gambling ads, as of the next Premier League season.

The new rules impose some heavy restrictions. And will target all ads type, sports betting, online casinos, poker and bingo. This will apply to all broadcasts on all channels around the clock, no matter the hour. “Our customers worry about gambling ads on TV. We understand their concerns. That’s why we’ve committed to limiting the number of gambling ads on Sky. And better protecting those vulnerable to problem gambling,” said Sky CEO Stephen van Rooyen.

A Voluntary Move

Also, the new measure includes banning ads during events aired after 9 PM. And this is an important step, as the current laws allow for broadcast in the evening and night hours. But the standing rules on daytime TV have a loophole. In fact, they don’t apply for live sports broadcasts. Sky stressed out it’s a voluntary move in response to the general push by groups defending responsible gambling.

To enforce its commitment, Sky will also introduce a new ad-blocking technology. It will be available for all its platforms, including the popular Sky Sports channels. Their users will easily restrict any unwanted commercial content, including gambling ads. As you know, there is a social demand for better consumer protection by the government and ASA. And with this move Sky is proving to be a leader in responsible gaming!