The UK Gambling Commission Seeks Your Voice

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) showed some determination. Mainly, to reduce harm related to gambling, but also to protect children. In general, the mission of the UKGC is to keep gambling fair, and on that note, they’ve launched a survey and need you to express your thoughts. The survey aims to improve age verification process within the industry. The survey is open for comments till November 5th.The UK Gambling Commission Seeks Your Voice

Identity check

In short, the body wants to hear opinions on its new proposals. They focus on license conditions and also the codes of practice ruling the industry. The plans require businesses to move the verification process, to a point in time before they allow to take a bet, to be exact. Currently, customers can deposit and play with the process still running. But this should change soon, as per the new rules.

Programme Director Brad Enright encouraged anyone to have their say. The regulator wants to hear from both the players and industry insiders. So that everyone involved can explain their views before the new rules come into action.

“We are also keen to hear from verification solution providers. In particular, where they can provide us with details. Of their technological and information capabilities,” the survey reads.

Payment methods

But it’s not only the verification that matters to the UKGC. Payment methods and withdrawal limits are also in the focus of the survey. The rules require them to ensure the name on the method and the account match up. The suggested data for verification includes name, address and date of birth, too.

In related news, the UK Competition and Markets Authority warned two gambling sites. The body’s action from last week aimed at their withdrawal limits. It branded the limits an unfair obstacle to taking home the winnings. And in effect, the ruling resulted in removing them.

As you see the UKGC is working hard to improve the standards of the industry. But also in making sure you’re having fun online if you’re of legal age, and that the operators are treating you right!