Trending in online gaming

It’s no secret that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is having a huge cleanout and is heavily issuing fines to unserious operators across the UK. What’s more is that the UKGC is also rolling out new regulations to replace or update existing ones. Sometimes, keeping up with these new rules can be hard. But we’re here to give you a hand!

In this short news, we’ll briefly discuss an ongoing trend in online gaming. And it’s a trend that operators are starting to put in place to show their seriousness to the UKGC. And it’s a trend that touches everyone’s heart since it’s about winning withdrawals! So let’s see if the new procedure helps or injure the players at the end…UKGC

a Responsible Gaming tool

The more you read about the iGaming industry. The more you understand the seriousness of the business. And for operators, it’s more important than ever to be on top of what’s trending, and what the regulators demand.

Recently the industry has reported a new trend affecting withdrawals. At this stage, we’re unsure if it’s a regulatory requirement or a responsible gaming enhancement or a failsafe tool. But still, it seems that operators are taking responsible gaming to a new level.

In fact, popular casino brands now enable players to put their winnings under lock. Doing so gives players a guaranteed that the winnings will reach the account. Indeed, after locking the winnings, the player cannot change his mind and cancel the withdrawals to fund another casino session. Apparently, this is a new option that players can use to make sure they have complete control of their transactions.

Players protection comes first!

First, let’s get rid of the bad vibe this change has caused! The UK casinos are not doing this to hold a player’s winnings but to protect the players in the end and it’s on a voluntary basis. In the UK responsible gaming is a hot topic nowadays, and this trend just goes to prove that operators will go the extra mile to guarantee the players safety.