UK Gambling Giants Discussed New Bans On TV Adds

Top British gambling executive met last week in a bid to face the strict new advertising rules. The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) discussed the latest series of curbs on the ads. In general, expectations in its Board of Directors were low. In fact, the public attitude turns increasingly against gambling ads on daytime TV.

Too Many Limits

In short, the RGA comprises 35 members including most of the UK and European top operators and brands. The body meets annually to review the latest challenges in the gambling industry. But this time the discussions went further. In fact, some operators said the new proposals are the most restrictive ever. The limit of one gambling ad over a single commercial break was at the spotlight of the agenda.

However, the new rule sure doesn’t seem to be a problem for the UK’s number one sports broadcasting TV channel Sky. In fact, if you’ve been following our news, you already know that the company decided to introduced new measures voluntarily. They’ve also gone one step further by investing in an ad blocker that its website users will be able to take full advantage of.
So surely, complying with the new rules shouldn’t be hard, since Sky volunteer to apply them first!UK gambling commission

Storm Is Coming

But the times are changing fast. The pressure from media, consumer groups and regulators resulted in a wide range of cuts. A month ago, the UK Gambling Commission warned operators in a rather poetical way. Its statement read due to “hardening attitudes” they face a “brewing storm”.

Shortly after, major players reacted. Indeed, GVC’s chief Kenny Alexander agreed the amount of gambling ads is currently too high. He also proposed the industry starts to collaborate to adopt strict new standards. Operators will probably pay attention to his words. Recent curbs on fixed-odds machines and the elevated Remote Gaming Duty show the watchdog’s words become a reality. And fines follow for those who dare to break the rules!