Vacancy open at the Industry Leader Kindred Group

With the departure of Ebba Ljungerud from the group. Their CSO Rhodri Darch will shoulder the commercial responsibility until Kindred finds a suitable replacement. The announcement of Ljungerud resignation came as a surprise. Indeed, the woman served both as COO and CPO. And without a doubt, her leaving will create a void that the company will need to fill up soon!

With over eight years working with the group in numerous jobs, the knowledge and experience of coming candidates to replace her are paramount. Although, Kindred Group confirmed they’re actively looking for a candidate to step in Ljungerud’s shoes. Yet, they still don’t have a short list of name on the table.

Indeed, Ljungerud was a key component of the groups’ success and global growth. With accomplishments such as restructuring Maria Gaming, and a partnership with Professional Darts Corporation her list of duties and success are equally long.Vacancy open at the Industry Leader Kindred Group

How did Kindred group come to life?

The re-branding discussion started in 2015 and after acquiring Stan James and iGame. Upon taking over the companies, it opened up an entirely new way of doing business and Ljungerud was key in the discussion.

Before the acquisition, the company only had Unibet, Maria Casino, and So, the re-branding was more than ever a hot topic and had to include all new casino brands to work successfully. Now, to decide the group’s new name, meetings were set up with all sides of the business to discuss the core values.

And true the methodical process they manage to identify five core values. The top five values are Individuals, Challenge, Trust, Innovative, and Friendship. These value that Ljungerud helped creating eventually boil down to the name, Kindred Group PLC, we know today!

Where is Ljungerud going?

According to the restructure and press release sent by the group. Ljungerud will join the team of the multi-media games publisher Paradox Interactive. So we can expect great things from them too given her track record! Good luck with your new job Ebba! We wish you all the success you deserve!