Yggdrasil announces new partnership with Fantasma Games

Since Yggdrasil Gaming launched the YGS Masters Programme earlier this year, it’s been all business since then. On that note, Yggdrasil has now officially established its third studio partnership. This time around it’s with Fantasma Games! So, as a result of this deal, you can expect to see new games by 2019. Not to mention, all games will be available to all of Yggdrasil’s partners and operators.Yggdrasil announces new partnership with Fantasma Games

The Breakdown

For starters, this deal will now give Fantasma Games access to the YGS Masters Programme. Also, this allows further access to Yggdrasil’s in-game promotional tools. Which includes BOOST, and give Fantasma Games the ability to run in game network campaigns. Which, according to Fantasma Games CEO, Fredrik Johansson, this is a major deal!

He recently said, “It’s a great opportunity for us to join the Yggdrasil Masters Programme. Now we can make better games and expand our reach in Europe. Also, we’re happy to begin developing our ideas with Yggdrasil. Plus, we are confident this will take Fantasma Games to new heights.” So as you can see, this is a huge deal for the Stockholm-based studio.

Official Word from Yggdrasil Gaming

According to Fredrik Elmqvist, CEO of Yggdrasil, “Suppliers require the support of an established partner. Also, operators and studios alike have been demanding for years a modern platform that offers the ingenuity and ability of BOOST.” He would later say, “ YGS Masters is an exciting development for the online gaming industry. And without a doubt, we’re extremely proud to lead it.”

Looking Ahead

This new partnership clearly displays a new trend in the industry. Not to mention, BOOST is a tool that’s only offered through the YGS Masters Programme, and it’s highly sought after. All and all, this is the third studio partnership for Yggdrasil. With that said, we could likely see more studios joining the YGS Masters Programme. Until then, we’ll be on the lookout for more related news on this partnership and let you know the official word as soon as we get it!