Yggdrasil brands slots after Nitro Circus

Yggdrasil, the innovative slot developer, will release its first-ever branded game! Indeed, on November 10, Nitro Circus will land in the lobbies of online casinos all over the UK. In the wake of the premier, CSO Christopher Mifsud spoke about the partnership. According to him, this cooperation was “a match made in action sports heaven”. But, he was also clear on the subject of more branded slot games from Yggdrasil. “It must be the right partner. We were very selective in choosing Nitro Circus, but I wouldn’t rule out us working with other partners.”Yggdrasil brands slots after Nitro Circus

Double Innovation

The first branded slot of the studio came to life in Yggdrasil’s three studios in Poland, Malta and Sweden. The new game features several unique functions. And that is true for both the design and the bonus features. As to the touch and feel, the realistic gameplay boasts some crazy stunts. To get an idea, they included jumping with sofas and bathtubs rather than the use of bikes. And indeed, these tricks are in fact something the action group performed during their live shows.

Challenge to design and develop

“The key to the success of the game was to represent their brand as much as possible. For the game mechanics, Nitro relied on us and our expertise,” commented Mifsud. And surely, in the area of game mechanics, the premium developer has an ace up their sleeve. “It’s always a challenge to design and develop new mechanics. It stands both in terms of what the client wants and back-end mathematics,” he pointed out.

Keys to the Future

On the occasion, the company’s responsible for development hinted at their future plans. And he also spoke about the keys to attract the new generation players. “The big thing about this is to bring in players who haven’t necessarily experienced slots before. But, because of their familiarity with the brand, they incline to give it a spin,” he summed up the idea.

In fact, attracting the new generation is of the greatest importance to the industry. And Yggdrasil builds on that belief by producing games that grab the attention of the new and upcoming players. In essence, they manage to stick out by applying new, never-seen-before gamification features. And finally, speaking on the threat of video games to online gambling, he remained adamant. “We go through huge amounts of regulation. Video game companies would have to go through all that before they could even step in,” he concluded.